Working from home is a luxury many people would like to enjoy, so if you’re one of the increasing number of people who work from home on a daily basis, consider yourself lucky!

Still, when you work from home, maintaining healthy habits can be a bit more challenging. Fortunately, we’ve got some tips for staying healthy when you work from home, regardless of whether you work for a company or are totally self-employed.

Load Up on the Right Foods

Start by making sure you’ve got plenty of healthy foods in your fridge and pantry at all times. Ideally, you’ll want to shop for foods that will provide you with sustained energy throughout the day to avoid those afternoon crashes. Nuts, fruits, raw veggies, and of course fruit juice, tea or even plain ice water are a must!

Because the temptation to snack can be high when you work from home (and can take as many trips to the refrigerator as you want) you should do your best to avoid keeping unhealthy foods in your kitchen as well.

Get Plenty of Sleep Each Night

When you work from home—especially when you’re able to determine your own schedule—it can be easy to end up with working hours that are out-of-whack. Try to keep to a dedicated schedule and make sure you’re getting the recommended minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep each night. This way, you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day.

Consider a Morning Yoga Session

You’d be surprised at just how much a short yoga session can empower you in the morning before you begin your work day. Since you work from home, you have the luxury of fitting in some yoga before you start working! All you need is a yoga mat and an app or video to walk you through the poses.

Starting your day with a quick 15-minute session will help to clear your mind and improve your focus, which is a must when you work from home and need to be self-motivated. You might also consider throwing in a short yoga session when you hit that afternoon energy crash!

Get 30+ Minutes of Daily Exercise

Speaking of yoga, it’s also important that you stay active when you work from home. When you don’t have a daily commute and don’t necessarily have to leave the house each day, it can be easy to get lazy and spend the majority of your day sitting down. This is not good for your body!

Make an effort to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, whether it be intense cardio on your treadmill, a jog around your neighborhood, or time well spent at your local gym. You might also consider buying a fitness tracker, which will track your steps, calories burned, and overall activity levels throughout the day. These can be great for boosting your motivation to stay active.

Replace Your Office Chair

Last but not least, make sure your neck and back are well supported while you work. If you have an old, uncomfortable chair, it may be time to invest in a new one—especially if you suffer from any neck or back pain. To up your activity levels while sitting, consider purchasing a set of pedals that you can place on the floor and use to get in some cardio while you work. Or, better yet, consider temporarily replacing your desk chair with an exercise ball, which will help to improve your posture and balance.

Undoubtedly, working from home has its inherent benefits, but remaining healthy and fit is something most at-home workers need to dedicate themselves to. Ready to embark on your path to career success? Feel free to contact us today!