General Transcription Course Curriculum

Module 1


How to Use This Course
Join Us In Our Community Forum
How to Contact Us for Questions
Introduction to General Transcription
Skills Needed to Be a Transcriptionist
Different Types of Transcription Work
Equipment Needed for Transcription Work
Income Potential of General Transcriptionists


Module 2


All About Audio Files
How to Send and Receive Audio Files
How and When to Send Encrypted Files
How to Price Your Transcription Work


Module 3


Proofreading and Editing
Best Free Proofreading Software
Industry Tips for Proofreading and Editing


Module 4


Using Your Computer
Advanced Computer and Keyboarding Skills
Secrets for Better Efficiency in MS Word
Computer Maintenance
Starting Your Own Website for Your Transcription Business


Module 5


Introduction to Grammar and Punctuation
Recognizing Parts of Speech
Complete vs. Incomplete Sentences
Sound-Alike Words
Commonly Misspelled Terms
Practical Rules for Transcribing
Good Grammar/Punctuation Links


Module 6


Dealing with Accents
A Look at Some Different Accents
Tricks for Deciphering Difficult Accents


Module 7


Time Management and Other Shortcuts
Business Time Management
Hiring Subcontractors for Your Business
How to Build Momentum in Your Business


Module 8


Great Resources and Links for the Professional Transcriptionist


Module 9


General Transcription Practice
Proofreading Practice
Editing Practice
A Look at Medical Transcription
A Look at Legal Transcription


Module 10


Starting Your Transcription  Business
Naming Your Transcription Business
Marketing Your Transcription Business
Starting Your Proofreading/Editing Business
Types of Online Advertising
Sources for Free Advertising
Types of Local Advertising
Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page
Setting Up Your LinkedIn Profile
How to Obtain Your Own Business Domain Name and Hosting
Your Own Domain and Virtual Phone Numbers
Creating Your First WordPress Website
Setting Up Your Social Media Profiles
Optimizing Your Website for the Search Engines


Module 11


Your Client Contracts (samples)
Your Subcontractor Contracts (samples)
Tax Implications of Subcontractors
Client Introduction Letters (the exact ones we used!)
Local Client Proposals
Referral Letters


Module 12


What’s Next?
Frequently Asked Questions
How to Scale Your Transcription Business
Before You Go . . . 


And So Much More ……! 



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