What is a Day in the Life of a Transcriptionist Like?



Your job is to transcribe audio files.  The file may come to you via one of several methods: It could be emailed directly or it could be placed on a cloud server for you to login and download. You download the file and open it to retrieve the audio portion.  After you download the audio file, you’ll open it using whatever software is needed.  Then you transcribe what you hear.

You’ll use a computer foot pedal to control the speed of the dictation and a headset to hear the audio better.  The foot pedal controls how fast or slow the audio files plays back for you.  A specialized foot pedal even rewinds the audio a half a second or more each time you lift your foot from the pedal, so you can figure out where you left off.  When you’re done, you proofread it again, then format it into the file format the client wants and send it back, along with your invoice.

Later, you may answer an email or two about your prices or to see if you’re available for a specific job from an old client.  As you get incoming jobs, you’ll do them and add them to your list of completed work.

The rest of your day might be spent marketing for clients.  You might send out emails or make some new contacts online.  You might decide to make a Facebook page for your business to advertise it to the world, so you’ll need to post there every day.  But don’t worry — we have an entire section on nothing but how to market your new business!

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