How Can I Get My Own Clients?

We love this question!  General transcription is so much more plentiful than both medical and legal transcription.  Just go online and look at all the different types of audio files being created today.

Some of these industries include:

  • Marketing, Ecommerce, Online Training:  (Interviews, YouTube videos, podcasts, webinars, focus groups, courses and online learning, sales calls, customer calls, etc.)
  • Religious and Spiritual, Churches and Synagogues: (sermons, special reports, etc.)
  • Insurance Industry: (job interviews, accident reports, etc.)
  • Education Industry:  (Professors, Graduate Students, Theses, Dissertations, etc.)
  • Large and Small Corporations: (Business meetings, annual meetings, annual reports, business agreements, etc.)
  • Entertainment Industry: (Scripts, TV shows, radio shows, reality TV, screenplays, news programs, documentaries, etc.)
  • Personal: (Diaries, historical documentation, authors, rough drafts, etc.)

For the marketing part of the course, we know how important it is to tell the world about your new transcription business.  Our founder is certified in many different marketing subjects, so you get the latest, high-quality marketing plans that have worked for us and hundreds of others.  We even include sample contracts and suggestions on how to use them.

In fact, our focus is on marketing so much so that we’ve even started a business just helping people get started in their new online businesses.  Just take a peek here at Million Dollar Marketer.  Some of these courses are INCLUDED in your Transcribe at Home course at no extra cost to you!

While other courses may give you the basics of finding clients, no one gives you the exact model that is working for them.  So why do WE do it?  That’s easy!  We don’t have a transcription service any longer (sold it years ago) and so we are NOT your competition!  We LOVE success stories and can’t wait to feature YOU on our website as the latest success story.