About Transcription in General


What is Transcription?

Anytime an audio or video file is created, many times a written record is needed of what’s inside it.  That’s where transcription and a transcription service come in.

The “general” part of General Transcription refers to anything that’s not medical or legal. For example, an interview, a radio talk program, a church sermon, or a focus group.


What does a Transcriptionist Do?

A transcriptionist is the person who creates the written file from the audio or video using word-processing software like Microsoft Word.  Transcriptionists can be employed by large companies or they can be self-employed and have their own clients.  This course is focused on teaching you to work as a self-employed transcriptionist and to get your own clients.

As the transcriptionist, you download the file and open it to retrieve the audio portion.   After you download the audio file, you’ll open it using MS Word or whatever software is needed.  (Don’t worry – all this is covered in the course.)