So What Makes Transcribe at Home the most comprehensive general transcription training program available online today?

 We’re glad you asked!

It’s Not Just a Simple One-Size-Fits-All Course

First of all, you’ll notice ours is a FULL PROGRAM with additional marketing courses included, while others only want to sell you a COURSE.  We believe if you’re going to put your time and investment into something, it should be the absolute BEST that money can buy.  That’s why we have SEVERAL courses wrapped up in one truly spectacular PROGRAM.

But don’t think it’s going to take you years to learn it all!  Next, you’ll learn why you might need more than a simple one-size-fits-all course.


Choose From Multiple Subjects to Help You Learn Better


We’ve put all the basics – everything you need to know – all in one place.  Once you’re in, you can go directly there and learn it relatively easily.

THEN, if you want additional information, it’s ALSO right there at your fingertips.  Yes, I’m talking about information like creating your own website, how to keep your PC secure from hackers, and the hundreds of different ways to market your new transcription business.

We give you the full course at once.  We don’t give you little bits of information, a little piece at a time or make you finish one section, even if it doesn’t apply to you, before you can move onto the next.  We’ve never worked that way and here’s why:

First of all, you might not NEED a particular section we’ve included.  OR you might not need it at that particular time.  We open up all the course material to you at once so you can start at the very beginning or go to directly whatever you need.

  • Not great with computers? No problem – check out our computer classes.
  • Don’t know how to get new clients? No problem – go straight to our marketing section.
  • Don’t have a brochure? No problem – go straight to our marketing materials section.

If you’ve already got a transcription business, that’s great!  You’ll want to jump directly to the marketing portion where we share with you over 50 different marketing ideas we’ve used in the past.  Here you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t and which are the best ways to market your new business.

If you’re brand new, you’ll want to start at the very beginning and learn the principles and theory of transcribing before continuing on.  Either way, it’s YOUR choice.

It’s All About the Marketing 

Social media along with most everything on the internet, changes daily, and you’ve got to keep ahead of it in order to grow a long-term, profitable online business.

As a current marketing consultant, our founder is certified in many different marketing subjects, so you KNOW you’re getting the latest, high-quality marketing materials that have worked for us and hundreds of others.

While other courses may give you the basics of finding clients, no one gives you the exact model that is working for them.  So why do we do this?  That’s easy!  We don’t have a transcription service any longer (sold it years ago) and so we are NOT your competition!

In fact, our focus is on marketing so much so that we’ve even started a business just helping people get started in their new online businesses.  Just take a peek here at Million Dollar Marketer.

Are You Ready for a New Career?


With years of experience behind us, we know ALL the tricks of the trade.  Remember, we’ve been in the transcription business since 1981.

And we’ve been TEACHING transcription since 2003.

Everything YOU need to know to make the decision to succeed in your new career is right HERE, and we’re here for any questions you might have.


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