Transcription Practice

The transcription practice reports are still currently being added.  When complete, it will consist of 10 full levels of practice dictation with over 100 practice files.  These will range from easy audio files to more difficult material, accents, and multiple speakers.  You’ll be able to check your work against the keys to assess your formatting, spelling, and quality of work.


Here’s Just Some What You’ll Be Getting in the Transcription Training Portion

  • TWELVE MODULES of learning material.
  • Ten full levels of practice dictation (over 100 practice documents with answer keys!)  (More than any other course!)
  • Quizzes and exams to make sure you understand the material as you go along.
  • Tutorials, videos, and screenshares on all aspects of transcribing how-to’s.
  • Proprietary Downloadable Software Package for Quick Look Terms
  • Printouts and cheat sheets for things like style guides, text expanders, and shortcut keys.
  • Over 100 computer classes in case there’s ever anything you need to know.
  • Lifetime access to everything in this course and all future updates.
  • Lifetime access and support in our Facebook group.
  • Creating Your Own Word Press website video tutorials
  • Sample contractor and client agreements
  • Sample templates you often use
  • Client introduction letter that got us clients fast and sample brochure


Keep in mind, this is not the entire list of what you’ll be getting.  The marketing and business portion consists of a lot of course material too, for anybody who wants to pursue growing a transcription service.  You can see the full list of what’s included here.