What Assistance Will I Get?



You Asked For It.  We Provided It.


You wanted a course that was open 24/7.  You wanted a course from which you could learn online, from the comfort of your home.  You also wanted a course which was given to you in its entirety, without forcing you to go through sections you don’t want or need, just to get it finished.

The result is here . . .   Transcribe at Home!

Because of the nature of the course, and the fact that we’ve been doing transcription since 1981 and transcription training since 2003, our students have very little questions that aren’t already answered multiple places within the course.  See, we take feedback and actually apply it to the course in the form of updates.  So you may see new content and new material appear from time to time.

Regardless, there may still be times when you have a question about the course, your payment, how to do something, or how to make something work.  We’re just a phone call away.


Call us anytime Toll Free at 888-838-9788 or use the contact form here.


Our mission is to provide you with the highest level service and support.  You’ll can contact us with questions via email, phone, or via our Facebook Group Forum.  Also, there’s a quick email link inside the course that makes it quick and easy to let us help you.

Questions?  Call us!  Toll Free 888-838-9788